Dream it. Do it.

It starts with a dream, and ends in a memory.

Mantras. Using words of Inspiration January 3, 2011

Filed under: Dreaming,Training — Celina @ 10:35 pm

For me, exercising is therapeutic. It is a time for me to challenge my body, and push my limits. At the same time many people may not feel the same way. For some, exercising is a chore, something to be completed and forgotten. In my eyes what makes exercising such a great experience how I envision it helping me reach my dreams. Each time I feel my foot hitting the pavement, I know that it is bringing me closer and closer to the Arctic. When my lungs are burning and legs are tired I revel in my ability to focus on the single task at hand and not get discouraged.

Although you may not relate to how I feel with respect to working out, I am sure that you may feel the same when you are reaching for your own dreams. Whether its exercising or  hours spent working towards an upcoming promotion, we have to call on our inner strength to get us through. There will always be something trying to hold us back. Whether its exhaustion, stress, or prior commitments it is important to push forward. On the days where my body is tired and the workouts are long, I chant a mantra in my head. When I competed against an Olympic level fencer last year at the National Championships my mantra was simple, “I am faster. She is slower.” When I ran a Duathlon with a chest cold my mantra was inspiring, “If I can do this, I can do anything.” When I’m studying for an exam my mantra is fun, “Enjoy it, you know it.” Whenever I say my mantra it gives me the strength to continue. It is this strength that has propelled me forward in achieving my dreams.

At the end of the day our inner strength is what separates the dreamers form the doers. Without action a dream is just a dream. But with it, a dream becomes an experience.

DREAMING LESSON #2: Create your own personal mantra. Use it as a source for inspiration. It can be a sentence or just a few words. Whenever you need extra strength, just say the mantra over and over.

Today I decided to change up my workout and run in the snow. It is always a liberating experience, but with the chilly air and slushy streets I used a different method to make my run intense. Listening to a killer play list, I felt myself running faster. If you’re like me and love epic music check out a couple songs from my playlist or create a playlist that makes you feel great.

Here‘s my workout. It was quick but intense, after I felt my legs and lungs burning. This workout will definitely help build strength in my lower body so that I can handle the 12 km of skiing from Svalbard to Base Camp. Try it if you’d like!


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