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Workout Week 1. January 2nd to January 9th. January 9, 2011

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Monday: Quick Interval Winter Run

What better way to get fit for the Arctic then by returning to running after my long absence. With my stress fracture fully recovered I am reveling in the therapeutic benefits of running. Anger be gone! To optimize my fat fighting capabilities I kept it short but intense.

Getting mentally ready for my run.

Don't forget to stretch after working out.

Tuesday: Skipping + Arms

Traveling to and from base camp is going to really challenge my endurance. Running, skipping, and interval training are my main workouts for improving my cardio. Today I chose skipping which challenged my coordination. Fifteen minutes went by in no time so I followed it by working on my arms using free weights

Basic Arms (3 rounds of the following exercises):

12 reps of bicep curls
12 reps of over head tricep curls
12 reps of lateral raises
12 reps of standing deadlift
12 reps of bent over one arm tricep curls

Wednesday: Young Buns Forever (Bodyrock.tv)

For the past year I have switched my workout style to bodyweight circuits. I do these at home. Big thanks to Bodyrock.tv for the great workouts. Any workout followed by Bodyrock.tv means the workout was designed by them. This workout kicked my butt and left me feeling great! Check it out here.

Thursday: Skip Away Fat

Today I did my own combination of bodyweight exercises.. Tailoring the workout to my own needs allowed me to focus on my problem areas. Lots of lunges, squats, and ab-work. I’ve been stepping up the intensity by adding cardio exercises to my workout, so today I did some fat-fighting skipping exercises.

Friday: Rest Day

When I say I took a rest day it just means that I had no structured workout for today. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t active. Throughout the day I focus on every movement and squeeze out as much toning-capability as I can. Squatting as I do dishes is great for the legs.

Saturday: Trap + Wii Just Dance 2

This workout promptly reminded me that I’ve been focusing a bit too much on my lower body and ignored my upper body. At the end of the day my arms were hanging limp by my sides, rubbery from their overuse. Although some may not consider my workout today as a ‘workout’, it challenged me mentally and physically, but above all else it made me sweat. Trap shooting is a competitive form of shooting where we shoot at flying clay discs. This is a mental sport more than anything. I had to really focus on not getting discouraged when I was missing easy targets.

To finish off my day I spent some time with friends playing Phase 10, a mentally challenging card game, and Just Dance 2 (for Wii). Dancing can be such a great workout. If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know that after one dance you begin to sweat and by the end of it you’re arms will be aching.

Practicing my shooting skills at the trap range.

Sunday: Hiking in Fresh Snow

Starting school again after the holidays reminded me of how much time I spend sitting down. Lecture . . . sitting. Driving . . . sitting. Library . . . sitting. Studying . . . sitting. With today’s society focusing more on ‘sit and watch’ rather then ‘be active and participate’, the majority of my day is spent sitting down. Today’s sunshine, fresh snow, and crisp air was the kick in the butt I needed to get off my chair and explore.

Grabbing my snowshoes, I rounded up my dog and headed to the Komoka Trails. The normally flat, marshy land was covered in blowing snow and ice which proved to be the perfect challenge. Hiking in the fresh powder proved to be very difficult since I’d abandoned the snow shoes for more of a challenge. My trusty dog never left my side, and instead offered up some friendly competition as we raced around the park. I thanked her for the random spurts of speed as they pushed my body to it’s limits. Think of a treadmill set to random on max resistance . . . only harder.

Who do you think won, me or my dog? She got distracted halfway up the hill. . . so I guess that means me.

These were perfect conditions to prepare myself for the expedition. Flat, windy, snowy, and cold. With todays wind chill I am sure the temperature was below -10°C.  Although Svalbard is within the Arctic Circle, I should be experiencing temperatures around 0°C. So today’s workout was not only fun and challenging but also completely inspiring.


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