Dream it. Do it.

It starts with a dream, and ends in a memory.

Don’t wait. Listen and Act. January 13, 2011

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Previously in a post (Be Self-Aware. Listen to your Body), I shared with you what I consider the most important lesson that I have learned, which is to be self-aware. Such a simple principle of listening to your body (which I assume to encompass the spirit and essence of who we are) is often a very difficult one to master. Although, I am far from mastering this skill, I am working on incorporating it into my daily life and have seen positive results because of it. Although my progress is good . . . I tend to slip up from time to time.

See today I ignored my body. In fact, I ignored my hunger. All the signs were there, I was hungry, my stomach was growling, and most importantly . . . I was getting cranky. Ignoring all these valuable signs, therefore ignoring my body, I postponed my lunch for things I considered more important. That’s where the trouble began. Once I got home, and began eating my lunch an hour later than usual, I found myself in the unmistakable situation of . . . stuffing my face. Immediately after the meal I had an epiphany. I made the same mistake! I ignored my body and ate until I was clearly too full. Sounds like a vicious cycle to me.

These mallard ducks were hungry. They didn't wait, as soon as they saw me they headed my way looking for food.

For some reason or another feelings, goals, and dreams get ignored. Instead the focus is placed on things that are perceived as more important. At least what ‘seems’ more important at that moment What happens is that those feelings, goals, and dreams don’t go away. They persist. Eventually, there comes a time when those feelings must break through. Waiting so long to act often comes at a price. A price that is often as simple as a lack of control in how those feelings express themselves. I guess this would refer to the common saying, ‘Blowing up’.

I think its a bit like my lunch today. After depriving my body of what it needed, it rebelled when I finally provided what it wanted. In fact I can feel the food rumbling uncomfortably in my stomach as I write this. So what’s the solution? Well the solution is different for everyone . . . My solution is to listen and act.

When I set goals I will go for them. When I dream I will reach for them. When I have feelings I will acknowledge them. The body needs respect and respect’ simplest form is acknowledgement. Let’s designate some time in the day to acknowledge what our body needs. Your body might thank you for it.

Take these ducks as an example. Discover what you want and go for it. Although that lone male looks like he's going to be attacked.


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