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Workout Week 2. January 10th to January 16th. January 16, 2011

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Monday: Squats and More

With school starting to pick up speed I am finding myself with less and less time. When this happens I focus on bodyweight circuit training at home for quick workouts. In less than 30 minutes, I can complete an intense workout that not only tones my body but burns some serious fat. So today I made another one of my own combinations of bodyweight circuit training. It had squats, it had chest raises, and it had so much more.

Tuesday: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom (Bodyrock.tv)

Today was a long day at school, so I opted for an already designed Bodyrock.tv workout. This workout was great and was a total stress reliever. The coolest thing about this workout was that it gave me a chance to apply what I learned today in lecture. During anatomy I learned all about muscles of the upper limb. I’m happy to be able to recognize that my deltoids, triceps and serratus anterior muscles are screaming in pain (the good kind of course).

Wednesday: Trap + Harder than Ever Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

After practicing a little trap shooting I rushed to my night class and then came home exhausted. Wanting a bit more of a workout, I opted for this super short, intense workout from bodyrock.tv. To get max results, I really had to push my body. Focusing on my abs lately has really paid off since I can see nice 6-pack definition. Woohoo.

Thursday: Double Workout

Today I kicked my own butt . . . in a good way. I listened to an epic playlist (Check Mantras. Using words of inspiration, for some songs) and pumped out two solid workouts from Bodyrock.tv (Hot Curves and Do it. Do it.)

Friday: Double Workout

I started off my morning with a light workout. Before my morning class I dropped by the gym and taught my friend the basics of squash. Its a really great sport that I truly enjoy. On a good day, I can get decently sweaty. In the afternoon I realized that I still had a lot of energy so I kicked out two more intense workouts.

Saturday: Rest Day

After a rough week of exercise, I decided to take today easy. I guess it wasn’t all that easy since stacking would gave me a solid upper body workout.

The Cameraman and I stacking wood.

Sunday: Hike on the Beach

Lake Huron frozen in the winter is one of my fondest memories from childhood. So the dog, cameraman, and I headed to the ice for some fun in the snow. It was an experience that really made me excited for the Arctic. The conditions on the lake were perfect. Blowing snow. Solid ice. Way below freezing temperatures. What could be better?

WARNING: If anyone is going out on ice, be smart. Tell someone where you’re going and don’t go alone. If you’re unsure if its solid don’t stay around to find out. Be safe.

The snow was deep but I trudged on.

Protecting myself from the wind.

A husky and snow. A perfect combination.


3 Responses to “Workout Week 2. January 10th to January 16th.”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    heard you fell into the ice! Doesn’t that count as part of a workout? (the intense body shaking/walking home with 10 pounds of water-drentched-clothes/the… getting out of the water?)

    • Celina Says:

      Exactly! It was a pretty tough experience but I didn’t work out too much, it was the person that pulled me out that did all the work. Ice safety . . . very important.

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