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Workout Week 3: January 17 to January 23 January 23, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 10:17 pm

Working on my upper back and shoulders.

Monday: Harder then Ever Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

After a weekend of frolicking on the ice, today’s workout was really quite easy. I was determined to push through my lack of enthusiasm and managed to pump out this great workout.

Tuesday: Medal of Honour Abs (Bodyrock.tv)

I would consider today a good check point of my fitness progress. This was the fourth time I’ve done this workout since November, and I am proud to say that my score has improved every time. If you want beautiful, visible abs, then jump on the Bodyweight band wagon. Keep coming back to see how my workouts are transforming my body, and preparing me for the Arctic!

Wednesday: Beach Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

This was just what I needed to end a great day. During the day I pushed myself hard working on assignments, going to lectures, and doing readings. At the end all my stresses flew away with this super intense workout. The dancing crab exercise is my personal favourite and it targeted my abs big time. My score today for the first 3 exercises was 20:28. If you try it let me know how it was and if you beat me. You never know, one day soon I may have a crazy exercise challenge . . . with prizes! So please let me know if you’re following my workout schedule.

Thursday: 600 Rep Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

Talk about a  killer workout. This was exactly needed to cleanse the mind and test my mental toughness. At the end of this workout I am 100% positive that you will feel proud of yourself. Push as hard as you can and watch your body transform. My time for this workout was 34:21. Awesome!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: My own combination

Today’s workout was pretty light, I just wasn’t feeling it. I did a combination of my own upper body workout, some Bodyrock.tv exercises, and some super intense skipping.

Sunday: Mission Abs Possible (Bodyrock.tv) and Halo of Sweat (Bodyrock.tv)

I’m proud to say that my workout schedule has motivated a fellow Dreamer. She has wanted to tone up her body for a long time and I am happy to say that today she took her first step to becoming a Doer. I showed her the ropes of Bodyrock.tv, and shared my personal training and eating tips that I’ve cultivated over my varsity fencing and competitive sports years. She’s definitely on the road to success. Today’s workout was no easy introduction. We did a combination of two workouts, and it was a great start to high intensity exercising.


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