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Workout Week 5: January 31 to February 6 February 6, 2011

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I can officially say that my training has been interrupted. Over the past month I’ve put in a lot of effort to train for the expedition and unfortunately most of what I have gained has been lost, because of one week of illness. Getting sick has definitely been an obstacle but the week of rest has left me feeling rejuvenated.

Instead of working out, I experimented in the kitchen and thought I’d share a few of my creations. Check back later this week for the recipes.

Try this spin on classic French toast.

French toast is a great treat for a weekend breakfast. The entire week that I’ve been sick my body has been craving one thing . . . carbohydrates. This recipe definitely answered that craving. Try making this breakfast for someone special.

Healthy, easy, and satisfying.

This was a fast, easy, and healthy dinner that I whipped up in no time. It’s my own twist on Asian lettuce wraps. Think fajitas meets China. The flank steak was marinated in soy sauce, and the peppers were sauted until soft. This meal is all about tasty vegetables with loads of protein. This was a big hit.

These recipes will be posted this week so check back later. The flu is almost behind me, so get ready because I’ll be pumping out some hard workouts as I get back on track. Enjoy!


One Response to “Workout Week 5: January 31 to February 6”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    So you’re feeling better? And in the meantime you’ve learnt to make more delicious food! yyyyyayyyyy.

    These look sooooo good.

    I cant wait to come home. ill be home on the 20th i think… at the latest prolllllyyyyyyy

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