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Workout Week 7: February 14 to February 20 February 21, 2011

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Monday: 300 Rep Workout (Bodyrock.tv) + 20-20-20 Workout Class

I did the 300 rep workout first thing in the morning to start my week off great. It was wonderful! The very last exercise was brutal, I guess my arms are kind of weak right now. It took me 29:59. In the evening I went with my mom to one of her workout classes. Sort of a Mother-Daughter Valentine’s day event. Great fun. The workout was super intense and much longer than my normal workouts. It was nice to switch things up. Having done a hard workout in the morning, the workout class was BRUTAL!

Tuesday: Light Workout and Stretching

Yesterday’s workout has left my muscles aching. When I did my first workout in the morning, I skipped stretching in order to make it to class on time. The evening workout just pushed those muscles even further and I am feeling the pain today (good pain of course). Having tight hamstrings as it is (even without running), I’ve been limited from doing much today.

Wednesday: Cardio Rampage

I made this workout up myself. It gave me exactly what I needed. I focused on getting some cardio in through skipping while getting a total body workout as well. Here’s what I did (and my scores for two rounds):

Tricep Dips (15, 10)

Skipping (200, 200)

Knee Plank (17, 17)

Jump Lunges (23, 25)

Ab Pulse (40, 43)

Skipping (200, 200)

Half Burpee (7, 7)

Mountain Climber (40, 40)

Skipping (200, 200)

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Hot Warrior Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

This was a great workout, I really enjoyed it and felt that I pushed quite hard. It was exactly what I needed going into a relaxing/indulgent weekend. I’m rewarding all my hard work lately with a great relaxing weekend, but I had to get through this brutal workout first. All done.

Saturday: Skating

This weekend is all about relaxing and I would have loved to have fit in some intense workouts, but unfortunately I didn’t have the space or the time. I did try some skating. It was a surprising challenge. Leaving the rink, my calves felt weak and I knew that I used some muscles that haven’t been used in a while. If you get the opportunity try it out I suggest you do. Have some fun.

Sunday: Rest Day


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