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Workout Week 9: February 28 to March 6 March 6, 2011

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The trip is coming up fast. I’m starting to enter a phase in my training where I want to develop my cardio. In the past couple of months I’ve gained a lot of functional strength. As I progress forward in my training, this functional strength I have developed will help me to push harder when it comes to biking and running. I’m hoping (although it depends on school), to start adding cardio on top of my regular interval workouts. This is my plan, we’ll see if I can follow through.

Monday: Biking

I did 30 minutes of interval biking using a stationary bike. The intervals were set up so one interval was hard resistance and the other was lighter resistance. To kick it up a notch I pedaled as fast as I could during the hard interval, and used the lighter resistance to recover. Interval training is great for cardio. Try to focus on getting your heart rate up. There’s no point in wasting time on the bike for 60 minutes if you’re not raising your heart rate. Short but hard can be very effective.

Tuesday: Biking

Today’s workout was similar to yesterday’s but I only biked for 20 minutes. With two exams this week I’m pressed for time. At the end of the day I always find time to push my body for at least 20 minutes.

Wednesday: Rest Day/Study Day

Thursday: Crazy Home Bootcamp (Bodyrock.tv)

This was a really fast and hard workout (like most). Perfect as a study break. I’ve always believed that mental exhaustion should be accompanied by physical exhaustion. Even if you’ve had a tough day at work or school, this workout is minimal fuss and packs great benefits.

Friday: Keep it Hard (Bodyrock.tv)

Mere hours away from an anatomy exam, I just managed to squeeze in a workout. Not only do my muscles need it, after sitting at my desk for a week straight, but it gives me great energy and confidence. Wish me luck!

Saturday: Rest Day

After an early morning (5:30 a.m.) of studying for my morning exam, I was too low energy to squeeze a workout in today. I still remained active though and enjoyed a day of rest.

Sunday: Squash

Squash is full of short sprints, high impact, and strategy. It’s a great sport if you want to sweat. I played for 45 minutes and it definitely pushed my body. With the lunges and sprints this game was a lot like an interval workout but more fun and competitive. With the abs I’ve developed over the past couple of months, I found I had more power and speed.


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