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Workout Week 11: March 14 to March 20 March 21, 2011

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Monday: Lose Yourself (Bodyrock.tv)

This was really hard. I felt I pushed the hardest in the last round. Push hard and you’ll feel a burn.

Tuesday: Intense Challenge (Bodyrock.tv)

This is the kind of workout I love. There’s a specific number of reps that you have to complete as fast as you can. This is the kind of workout that I find extremely mentally challenging and always makes me feel strong when I complete it. It took me 21:13 to complete and I had to push myself hard. There was a point when I wanted to quit but I didn’t and it rocked!

Wednesday: Sick Day

I woke up with a blasted cough. The pressure in my sinuses combined with my inability to breathe through my nose is what is holding me back today. A day of rest would be good anyway, because my shoulders are aching from yesterday’s workout.

Thursday: Sick Day

Friday: Rock N’ No Rolls (Bodyrock.tv)

I’ve been sticking with Bodyrock.tv workouts this week because a) they’re really effective and my 6 pack is coming along quite nicely and b) I have so much work and very little time and I know I can do these workouts fast without leaving the house. Awesome! Since I’m still recovering from my cold, I did an interval workout and went at the highest intensity I could considering my limitations. I think it was still quite hard. Great workout.

Saturday: Sick/Rest Day

Sunday: Basement Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

Just finished this workout and feel great. I don’t feel too sick so I am thrilled about that and I can get back on track with workouts. Although the end of March and all of April are quite key for my training, I’m going to be sticking to fast intense bodyweight workouts because of school. Throughout April and into May I’ll really be focusing on my cardio now that I’ve built up such great functional strength. Hang in with me.


One Response to “Workout Week 11: March 14 to March 20”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    you shouldn’t work out when ur still sick! fur realz

    you’re sick again..?? what is going on?

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