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Workout Week 12: March 21 to March 27 March 27, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 7:35 pm

This week has been a major disappointment with respect to my training. Although I was able to workout every other day, I’m disappointed that I let my busy life get in the way. I do feel that when I allow more than a day to pass between workouts that I feel significantly weaker, so keeping up with the workouts every other day was still good. I don’t want to lose all my hard earned muscle (oh yeah 6 pack) Hopefully with the upcoming sunny weather I’ll be able to hit the roads and work on my cardio. Here’s what I managed to do this week.

Monday: Best Ripped Abs (Bodyrock.tv)

I need to work more on my push ups. My abs are doing great which will be a great asset when skiing and hiking. Keeping a strong core is very important in cardiovascular activities.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Mission Abs Possible (Bodyrock.tv)

Can you tell I’ve been working on my abs? This workout really hit my legs as well which was great. Those flying jump lunges just kill.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Fit Hotties Rock (Bodyrock.tv)

The pendulum is  a killer total body exercise. My arms were burning, my butt was screaming, and my abs were whining.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: OMG Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

I did this workout this morning at 7:15 a.m. (give me credit for waking early on a Sunday). It was a great way to start my day. My abs really felt it (yet again), especially with the first exercise. I do have to work on my push ups though.


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