Dream it. Do it.

It starts with a dream, and ends in a memory.

Newspaper news March 31, 2011

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Great news!

I have contacted my university’s newspaper, the Western News, and have presented my dream to them. They were very delighted and decided to write a story on me. Here is the article they wrote if you’re interested to read more. And here is a PDF version of it.

I have sent an email with my story a while ago to the London Free Press and they have contacted me a week ago and interviewed me. It was a great feeling. Your’s truly appearing in the London newspaper for the first time with a dream to present, a goal I’ve been working towards for years: “Dream it! Do it!”. My motto. If you are interested in reading the article click here.

This week The Gazette has contacted me to take an interview on my trip to the Arctic, in the far north of Norway. Here I am explaining my Arctic adventure.

I came up with a goal. And here I am doing it and feeling great about the path I’ve taken. My work is finally being acknowledged by people, by organizations like these newspapers. This makes me not want to stray off the path I’ve chosen for myself.

I shall log out, a happy girl!

Thank you for your constant support on my blog.


2 Responses to “Newspaper news”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    thats awesome! i posted these articles on my fb wall a few hours ago

  2. Joseph Stinziano Says:

    Keep up the great work Celina!

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