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Workout Week 13: March 28 to April 3 April 3, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 8:49 pm

Hiking and Running

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6 Pack Abs (Bodyrock.tv)

Nothing like an ab workout, to get me feeling good.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Sexiest Abs (Bodyrock.tv)

Fast and intense, oh how I love that.

Friday: Summer Body (Bodyrock.tv)

This workout was very appropriate as it was the first time this year I’ve taken my interval training outside. The weather was great, and I find I get an extra sweat. It was exciting. I look forward to more exercising outside. This workout was totally brutal. My butt was sore for the following two days, but it was definitely worth it. Make sure you get a good stretch in.

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 4 km Hike/Run + Power Girl (Bodyrock.tv)

Pecan Energy Bites

I started today’s workout not knowing if I wanted to run, hike, or bike. I took to the trails at a brisk hike. After 2 km, I decided I wanted to elevate it from a hike to a run. To fuel my run, I made energy bites that are full of dates and nuts. They pack amazing taste and lots of energy (look for the recipe later).

After I ate two of these bites I was raring to go. I first started with a light jog because my butt was still sore from Friday’s workout but after I warmed up I was flying through the woods. It was a really great feeling. Today’s workout really made me realize that I need to start focusing on my cardio. I feel strong and lean and I was tackling the hills easily, but my lungs were burning after my 2 km sprint.

I ended the evening with a 12 minute interval workout, just to keep my abs and arms strong. It was great.


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