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Energy Bites April 8, 2011

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Pecan Bites

I’ve really been focusing on being conscious of what I eat and when I eat it lately. In the past 5 months, my body composition has changed for the better and I am convinced that it is because of my approach to food. I’ve lost fat and built up some great lean muscle; and that’s something that makes me feel lighter and more energized. With school being very busy and my activity level decreased (hopefully only during exam time), I think it is very important for me to focus on eating to sustain my body.

Lucky for me I’ve come across a fantastic blog, Oh She Glows, that has highly nutritious and really delicious vegan recipes. Now I do not live by a vegan diet, I try to focus on having a nutritionally balanced diet of which I believe that meat should be a part of it. However, I do enjoy vegan recipes for baking as they include healthy ways to remove butter and milk. This is great for my lactose-intolerance and makes it easier to indulge in a ‘healthier’ craving.

Something I am always looking for are high energy snacks to fuel my workouts or to have as a post workout snack. At the top of the page is one of those snacks. Packed with pecans, cashews, and dates those little balls are full of healthy sugars and fats, perfect to fuel my workouts or to accompany me on long hikes or even longer days at school.


Cocoa Almond Bites

I also tried a cocoa version with almonds and they are absolutely amazing. When I’m low on energy I gobble down one of these bites and am ready to take on the world. The Cocoa Almond bites are great crumbled over a morning bowl of hot quinoa or oatmeal and have the perfect amount of natural sweetness to keep cravings in check. Go to, Oh She Glows, for the full recipes and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

Check back later this week for information about the gear for my trip. I’ve been teaming up with Novack’s for all my  Arctic needs and they’ve been great. More to come on that!


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  1. […] 8:00 a.m. this morning and made myself a bowl of oatmeal with banana, strawberries, and one of my Cocoa Almond Bites. I followed this light breakfast with a killer, 500 Rep Workout. What a great way to start the […]

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