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Workout Week 14: April 4 to April 10 April 10, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 8:18 pm

Monday: 300 Rep Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

This workout was a killer. I really had to push hard to get through it. As I’ve mentioned before I love rep based workouts. They are very mentally challenging, and this one was physically a killer. I ate one of the energy bites I made on the weekend to fuel me through the workout. Great workout.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Not Afraid Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

After two hectic days (exams are beginning) I was really needing a workout, not only to satisfy my body but to get rid of stress as well. This one really targeted my arms and succeeded in clearing my head.

Friday: Survivor Workout (Bodyrock.tv )

This was another great workout, perfect for a study break. My arms are screaming in pain . . . the good kind.

Saturday: 3 km Run

Thought I’d switch it up and take advantage of the nice weather. I didn’t go for a long run, my conscience was nagging me to get back to work.

Sunday: Want More Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

This was a light workout but still makes my body feel strong and toned. I’ve got 3 exams this week, so my body is fueled and ready to go . . . hopefully my mind is ready as well.


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