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Let me introduce you to . . . April 13, 2011

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Behind the scenes of Dream it. Do it. Are you excited?

I’ve been holding back sharing something with you. If you’re reading this, I am sure you are more than aware of my trip to the Arctic. One of the most important parts of preparing for this trip is acquiring all the gear I need to be prepared for the Arctic environment. Unfortunately, my experience with Arctic climates, and my experience camping, is really quite limited. Lucky for me Novack’s has stepped up and took me under their wing.

Novack’s is probably the most interesting store that I have been in. For an outdoor enthusiast like myself, it is a total dream. This store is not only packed with quality gear, it has a knowledgeable staff to back it up (quick shout out to Andy and Jody for all your help).

To be quite honest, when I received the kit list from BSES I had no idea where to start. If it weren’t for the help of a great friend, I would probably still be overwhelmed. With her guidance I got in contact with Novack’s and I am happy to say that I am overwhelmed no longer. Novack’s owner, Paul Caplan, has been kind enough to donate some gear for my trip and along with the donation he has shared his enthusiasm and knowledge. In fact all the staff at Novack’s are equally passionate about the outdoors and it’s great that they are sharing their excitement and knowledge with me.

Andy showing me how to wear the backpack properly so I don't hurt my shoulders

From now on I will update you from time to time with my experience gathering my gear, trying it, testing it and packing it (that’s definitely going to be a challenge and you’ll soon understand why). For a quick introduction to the layering process (ie. rain coat, fleece, base layer, etc.) check out this article, “Layering helps for packing, travel.”

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  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    That’s an awesome looking building eh? What street’s that on?

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