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Workout Week 15: April 11 to April 17 April 17, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 10:11 pm

Monday: Butt Buster (Bodyrock.tv)

Awesome workout. Great for abs. Even tougher on legs. I’ve got a solid six pack coming along.

Tuesday: 3km Run

I went for a fast paced 3km run as I am easing back into running. I’ve got slight pain in my shin but I don’t think a stress fracture is imminent. It feels good to be back. I’m planning on incorporating longer runs as I approach the trip.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Body On Fire (Bodyrock.tv)

I’ve done this workout a couple of times now and it always feels the same. INTENSE! Completing 5 rounds is always difficult, especially when I hit round number 3. The workout is all the more sweet when I finish it though. Knee tucks and pistols are killer.

Friday: Hot In Here (Bodyrock.tv)

I don’t think I pushed too hard for this workout as I wasn’t left feeling completely wiped out. However, it was still great for working my muscles. Next time I try it I’m going to push harder, especially with the pike jumps.

Saturday: Grand Theft Booty (Bodyrock.tv)

I did this workout awhile ago as part of my training and I know that today I pushed harder than before. My one leg squats are getting much better, I’ve found that engaging my abs really helps. I switched up the last two exercises to target my upper body and abs more than repeating one leg squats. I find that targeting the workouts to my needs is always great.

Sunday: Treadmill + Bodyweight

Today I had great plans to run outside but that got destroyed when it started raining, then snowing, and then hailing. So, for the first time in close to a year I worked out in the gym at school. It sucked! I don’t like the gym atmosphere and I don’t like being limited by machines. I think my body pushes harder and feels better when I workout outside, using nothing but my body.

So, when I got in the gym I wanted to get out as fast as I could, without compromising my workout. So I opted for a high intensity treadmill run. I set the program to speed intervals which allowed me to switch between two paces, one faster than the other. This really gets you into a fat burning zone and raises the hear rate (that’s what it is all about). After, I fooled around with bodyweight exercises like push ups, mountain climbers, and a bunch of ab exercises. All within 25 minutes and I was sweating buckets.


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