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Workout Week 16: April 18 to April 24 April 25, 2011

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Monday: Earn Your Shower Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

Boy, at the end of this workout I was dripping in sweat. The addition of 5 pound weights really made my arms burn. This is by far one of my favourite workouts.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Shooting + Hike + Sexy Pain Train (Bodyrock.tv)

This workout really exhausted me. With school almost done, I really feel the need to focus on getting as strong as I can for the Arctic. Today’s workout included a weighted hike, shooting, and a great ab workout. Today’s activities got me really excited about the trip. One more month. Tick Tack…

Thursday: Rest

After my loaded workout day yesterday, I decided to take a rest. Also, since I hadn’t gone trap shooting in quite awhile, I came out with a couple of bruises. Check out my battle scars.

Battle Scars

Friday: Hot to Trot (Bodyrock.tv)

If you really want to target your abs, look no further than this workout. The 4 minute combination of plank and ab exercises is just a total killer. Stick through it and I’m sure you’ll be seeing results.

Saturday: Shooting Competition + Buns and Fat Loss (Bodyrock.tv)

I competed in my first shooting competition today. I am not ashamed to say I came dead last shooting 50 out of 100 targets. That’s pretty good considering it was the first time I’ve ever shot 100 targets straight. It was mentally exhausting and I found my focus waning in my last two rounds. On top of that, my shoulder was killing me in the end. It didn’t stop me from adding in an extra lower body workout. Great day!

Sunday: 25 minute Trail Run

Today I had a great run through the muddy Komoka Trails. I really tried to pick up my pace and go as fast as I could. My legs were really feeling the burn at the end. I really enjoyed the small hills, they required me to dig deep and push up over them.


One Response to “Workout Week 16: April 18 to April 24”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    i didn’t know you were in that competition! thats actually not that bad, i’d do wayyy worse than that for sure

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