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Workout Week 17: April 25 to May 1 May 1, 2011

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Monday: Muscle Conditioning Class

Instead of my usual workout, I decided to try a workout class. This was a great class that hit all of my muscle groups. I chose to use an 18 lb bar for the lower body exercises and a 12 lb bar for the rest of my muscle groups. I definitely hit a wall in the workout, where my arms were absolutely burning. I was really happy though because I know that I am stronger after pushing through the wall.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Skipping and Abs

I threw together some of my favourite exercises and a got a great cardio workout on top of a killer ab session.

Thursday: Medal of Honour Abs (Bodyrock.tv)

This really targeted my abs and legs. By the third round I was about ready to drop from exhaustion.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10 km Adventure

I visited Toronto Island today and walked for a solid 6 hours. I wanted to end the day with a workout but I was totally spent. It was really great and my feet killed by the end. Further proof that good hiking boots are needed for the Arctic.

Sunday: Hot Yoga Core Flow Class

This is my 3rd time trying hot yoga and it was great. I’m not one for heat but being in a heated room definitely created an additional challenge which I enjoyed. The pose changes were fast and quite difficult. This was a great opportunity to work on my flexibility, and I recognized some serious weakness in my body. It was a great change to my routine.


One Response to “Workout Week 17: April 25 to May 1”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    I just joined a boxing gym and thats a tough workout! i’ll do some exercises with you when im home if u want?

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