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Updates on my trip to the Arctic May 10, 2011

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Great news! Yet again!

Women's hiking boots

I have updated you on the newspapers stories that explained my trip and its goal with deep inquiries into the subject. Today I would like to update you on a blog post that makes the knot in my stomach relax a bit. With such an experience it’s hard to not feel tense thinking about it. Novack’s has been and continues to be a constant supporter of my Arctic journey. You can read their post here

Until today, with your help I have managed to raise 2100$. The expenses for the journey are a bit more than double that amount and you can always find all that information and more in the widgets on the right side of my blog. An expense that I will soon undertake is buying boots for the Arctic, which will cost me 400$. I shall definitely post a picture and a review once I get them.

Once again thank you Novack’s and thank you to all that have and are helping me prepare for the trip to Svalbard.


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