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Workout Week 19: May 9 to May 15 May 15, 2011

Filed under: Training — Celina @ 9:26 pm

Monday: Muscle Conditioning Class (1 hr)

This is a wonderful class that I have been going to with my mom. I find that by the end I haven’t sweat a whole lot, or worked on cardio but my muscles are absolutely dying. This class really pushes me to hit my wall, and I find that as I push through the reps my muscles burn so much that there are points where I have to take a one second break before getting right back into it.

Tuesday: Trail Run (26:33 mins)

To be quite honest my legs were sore from yesterday’s class but I still really wanted a run, to focus on my cardio. I headed to the trails and pushed really hard. I’m not too sure how far this run was, but it was amazing.

Wednesday: 14 km Bike Ride + Sexy Body Beater (Bodyrock.tv)

I biked into down town London for lunch today which really felt great. Its nice to arrive at a meal feeling like you actually need the energy. Although the bike ride took me 80 minutes, I still felt like I could push harder. At home I pushed through this great interval workout. What an awesome training day.

Thursday: I’m Into You Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

Since I was sore from the past hard core days I did a light interval workout. It still pushed me but it was a nice break from the week.

Friday: 600 Rep Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

Wow an awesome workout! If there is any workout I think you should try it is this one. This is a frightening workout. I completed it in 32:49 and every minute of it was brutal. Just the thought of having to do 60 reps of one exercise is daunting, but then realizing there are 10 exercises to complete is just terrifying. But it is amazing. My muscles were screaming.

Lesson: Make sure you stretch after this workout. I did light stretching but not enough because the next morning my hamstrings were so tight I could barely move. 

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Put it Down on Me Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

I didn’t push as hard as I could for this workout, but considering the hard core week I had, it doesn’t bother me. My muscles feel strong and much looser since my Friday workout. I’m ready to tackle the coming week. With only 2 weeks left I’m going to keep pushing as hard as I can. Stay with me.


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