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Workout Week 20: May 16 to May 22 May 23, 2011

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Monday: Drill 8 Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

What an awesome workout! I’ve done this workout before and I am happy that I have beaten my old personal best. Today’s workout took me 18:56. Last time I did this it took me 19:43. That is a great improvement in my books, especially since I pushed super hard both times. This is a small achievement that should be celebrated!

Tuesday: Trail Run (25:45)

I beat my old personal best again. Last time this run took me 26:33 and this time it took me 25:45. This has done a lot for my confidence and I am feeling really strong. More reasons to celebrate.

Wednesday: Burpees Are Forever (Bodyrock.tv)

Today’s workout focused on my upper body. This was really hard. I find that if I go a couple of days without working my arms then I lose my  hard earned muscle quickly. This workout left my arms feeling like jelly.

Thursday: 6 Minute Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

I’ve been busy preparing for the trip and studying for my MCAT so I haven’t had much time to workout. This 6 minute workout was really amazing, and I am so happy I fit this in. I felt wiped at the end.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Hot Attack Workout (Bodyrock.tv)

This 12 minute workout was really draining, especially on my legs. I guess this is a good thing considering what I have to face on the expedition. It’s also nerve-racking because my legs were really tired. I’m not too worried though, because I’ve developed enough discipline to push through anything.

Sunday: Skipping + Abs

Being the long weekend, I didn’t really have the time or the discipline to workout hard today. Actually I did, but an intense workout never ended up happening. I did manage to squeeze some skipping and ab work in but I was really just going through the motions. I spent the entire day outside and I was active, so even if I didn’t sweat as hard as I normally do, I still feel like my body worked hard.

This week has been a whirl-wind of preparation and studying. Although I feel like I have worked out really hard, I don’t think I’ve been giving myself nutritional foods. To be honest I’ve been binge eating. It all started with the Bon Voyage party, and it carried through my weekend. Instead of being angry at myself, I’m going to eat light tomorrow and focus on feeling good. Look forward to more posts soon, as I take you through my final week until the trip. 

My Final Clothing Purchases


4 Responses to “Workout Week 20: May 16 to May 22”

  1. Cassandra Lin Says:

    You’re so beautiful!!

  2. Jonathan Lin Says:

    I’m so happy for u celly! You’re almost there! don’t get nervous, and – YOU ARE IN GREAT SHAPE! DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT! When do u leave exactly? call or email me or something so I know the exact day.

    p.s., funny how youre ‘not so intense’ workouts are my average to difficult workouts…. haha

    • Celina Says:

      Saturday night at 8:40. After that I catch the plane in Heathrow, Sunday at 1:00 on my way to Svalbard. I’ll talk to you before then, love ya.

  3. Jon Hasson Says:

    Good Luck. You have work very hard for this and you should be proud of what you have accomplished. All the best.

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