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Final Trip Preparations May 25, 2011

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Preparation. Planning. Goal Setting. I always thought I was good at them all, but I think I’m lacking one of them? I don’t feel like I’m prepared for this trip. If I were I wouldn’t have much to do this last week . . . right? Somehow I found myself browsing Novack’s shelves one week before the trip. I guess this is a learning lesson: All the preparation, planning, and goal setting in the world won’t help if you don’t act on them in a timely fashion.

So there I was. In Novack’s. Staring at socks. Completely confused.

Lucky for me Andrew, my Novack’s go to guy, intervened and steered me in the right direction. He suggested a high and medium cushion wool hiking sock from Smartwool. I got a pair in my favourite colour, green, and wore them today. Let me tell you they felt like heaven! The sock is light with just enough cushion and it has amazing wool wicking capabilities to keep my feet dry. Even wearing them with my boots in 20°C, my foot was dry.

Next, I was off to search for pants. I’ve been having sleepless nights trying to figure out what pants I would need to bring. Most of the pants I have are not suitable for the Arctic. They’re all too big on me (since I’ve lost weight thanks to my workouts and eating habits), and they are nowhere near warm enough.

My team at BSES told me that Svalbard has been experiencing warmer than expected temperatures. That just makes packing harder. I don’t know exactly what to expect when it comes to temperature. I have been told to bring one pair of warm and cold pants. I’m not too sure how two pair of pants is going to last me for 18 days.

This is me asking Andy for advice; and no, I did not ask him if I looked fat. Do I?

Andy was there every step of the way, sharing valuable tips. Like . . . make sure I can squat comfortably.

After, I found a good pair of warm and cold pants, I needed to find an outer shell that would keep me dry. There is no way I’ll be staying warm if I’m wet. Don’t laugh at the picture, these pants need to be big enough to fit over two other layers. So my layers will be as follows: base layer (Icebreaker), warm pant (Columbia) or cold pant (Misty Mountain), and the waterproof outershell (Marmot).

Feeling relieved to have found suitable pants, I looked at a down filled jacket. Ever since I’ve lost a bit of weight, I do find that I get cold easier and let me tell you this jacket is crazy warm. When I went home and started packing, this jacket by Sierra Designs,  squeezes down to about the size of a pair of socks. Perfect for my limited backpack room.

Before I left there is one thing I made sure NOT to forget . . . my Go Girl. I’m sure every girl can admit to wanting to be able to pee standing up. It would be so much more convenient. With Go Girl, I finally can.

Thanks to the generous gear donation from Novack’s, leaving their store with two bags of gear was definitely something to smile about. What can I say? I’m definitely feeling a lot more prepared.

Fingers crossed the volcanic ash won’t cancel my trip.


One Response to “Final Trip Preparations”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    1. go girl=gross
    2. did novaks donate that all?
    3. doc

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