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What movies not to watch before a trip June 3, 2011

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Hello everyone!

My gut would definitely not let me watch the movies outlined below. Horror movies are not really my thing. That being said, every time I plan a trip my mind drifts to some of these movies. Is it so bad to watch them? Some movies get me more prepared and more aware, but some just frighten me.

Here’s the list of what movies NOT to watch before a trip:

1) Hostel – Good things to take from this movie: Never stop fighting! Even though most of the time the viewers see the dungeons, Slovakia is really not that bad to visit, or is it…

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – To think that this movie is based on real events… brings shivers down my spine.

3) The Hills Have Eyes – Lessons to learn: Always think of back up plans! What if… ? Yes, after watching this movie the “what if” questions seem to gain more priority than a mere “meeeh we’ll see when we get there”.

4) Wrong Turn – I suggest you try to make the least amount of wrong turns when on trips. I haven’t watched this movie, so I’ll stop here with my “smart” comments. Mmm not before I suggest buying a GPS to everyone!

5) Vacancy – As much as isolated hotels attract me, I think I’d rather plan a bit more before picking the hotel this couple has. You might say: But what about spontaneity? And you might be right, I’d give in as well and I’d just live the moment.

6) Turistas – I decided against watching this movie when it first hit the big screens. The trailer just did it for me…

7) Captivity – How about: Don’t become famous, people will be after you (probably because of money, most of the time).

On the bright side I’d like to suggest a movie, which was a bit scary, but definitely a display of continuous fight, a never giving up attitude and hard decisions. I guess the movie was mainly about one hard decision… 127 Hours

Any comments? Jonathan? Silent George? Anyone else?

PS: I have linked this post to the “Dreaming” category of the blog. This time, it’s bad dreams. Still, as anything else in life, I am sure each of the above movies/bad dreams present some good lessons to learn from.


2 Responses to “What movies not to watch before a trip”

  1. Jonathan Lin Says:

    I can’t believe you watched all these movies… The only one i’ve seen is texas chainsaw massacre. (I wonder why its spelt massacRE rather than ER…). I’m pretty sure the movie is ‘loosely’ based on a real story – as in, there was, at one point in time, a murderer in Texas, which a Hollywood director ran with and morphed into a massacre done by a freak, against all other people who are not members of his family, and who knock on the door for help… But who knows right? 🙂

    So, I’m wondering, did you write a bunch of posts before u left, which you’re gonna have Horia post periodically throughout the next few weeks in order to ensure traffic to this blog? good move!

    P.s to you, what is the morale of this movie? Don’t ask people for help? Don’t go on a road trip in Texas?

    • Horia Says:

      The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ends with a recording of the police officers catching the killer. I think one of the officers dies. I also think the director morphed this movie into much more than it was, but as you said, who knows…?
      Before the trip Celina and I thought of a couple of ideas to post, but the posts themselves with all errors of fact or detail fall squarely on my shoulders.
      The morale of the movie… Since you cannot always protect yourself from everything that comes I would suggest, yet again: “Do not stop fighting!”

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