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A trip to the Airport June 9, 2011

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I wanted to relate this story to you, since I find it quite interesting.

When Celina and I have arrived at Pearson airport, to catch the flight to Oslo, via London, UK, we noticed a very interesting art exhibit on the platform.

Northern Canada

On the opposite wall we see where Celina was heading, the goal of her expedition: To the Arctic!

The Active Layer

The Active Layer is defined in the above picture as: the soil that denies but also permits life, oscillating between freeze and thaw temperatures. I thought it was interesting to find such an exhibit in the airport right before Celina’s departure. Then again, if Celina would not have went to the Arctic, but for some reason we would have gotten to the airport, then the exhibit might not have been so worthy of making the blog. For more exhibits displayed at the airport here are two links to follow: the permanent exhibits and the changing ones.

Dinosaurs in Terminal 1 on Pearson Airport

Yaaay! A gigantic aquarium! What fun

A little bit of fun before such an unexpected trip was gladly welcome by both of us.

Celina will be on her way to Oslo on the 14th of June. From there she will fly to London, UK and then to Toronto where she will land on the 15th of June. Let’s all hope for no delays on her flights.


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