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What movies not to watch before a trip June 3, 2011

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Hello everyone!

My gut would definitely not let me watch the movies outlined below. Horror movies are not really my thing. That being said, every time I plan a trip my mind drifts to some of these movies. Is it so bad to watch them? Some movies get me more prepared and more aware, but some just frighten me.

Here’s the list of what movies NOT to watch before a trip:

1) Hostel – Good things to take from this movie: Never stop fighting! Even though most of the time the viewers see the dungeons, Slovakia is really not that bad to visit, or is it…

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – To think that this movie is based on real events… brings shivers down my spine.

3) The Hills Have Eyes – Lessons to learn: Always think of back up plans! What if… ? Yes, after watching this movie the “what if” questions seem to gain more priority than a mere “meeeh we’ll see when we get there”.

4) Wrong Turn – I suggest you try to make the least amount of wrong turns when on trips. I haven’t watched this movie, so I’ll stop here with my “smart” comments. Mmm not before I suggest buying a GPS to everyone!

5) Vacancy – As much as isolated hotels attract me, I think I’d rather plan a bit more before picking the hotel this couple has. You might say: But what about spontaneity? And you might be right, I’d give in as well and I’d just live the moment.

6) Turistas – I decided against watching this movie when it first hit the big screens. The trailer just did it for me…

7) Captivity – How about: Don’t become famous, people will be after you (probably because of money, most of the time).

On the bright side I’d like to suggest a movie, which was a bit scary, but definitely a display of continuous fight, a never giving up attitude and hard decisions. I guess the movie was mainly about one hard decision… 127 Hours

Any comments? Jonathan? Silent George? Anyone else?

PS: I have linked this post to the “Dreaming” category of the blog. This time, it’s bad dreams. Still, as anything else in life, I am sure each of the above movies/bad dreams present some good lessons to learn from.


Mantras. Using words of Inspiration January 3, 2011

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For me, exercising is therapeutic. It is a time for me to challenge my body, and push my limits. At the same time many people may not feel the same way. For some, exercising is a chore, something to be completed and forgotten. In my eyes what makes exercising such a great experience how I envision it helping me reach my dreams. Each time I feel my foot hitting the pavement, I know that it is bringing me closer and closer to the Arctic. When my lungs are burning and legs are tired I revel in my ability to focus on the single task at hand and not get discouraged.

Although you may not relate to how I feel with respect to working out, I am sure that you may feel the same when you are reaching for your own dreams. Whether its exercising or  hours spent working towards an upcoming promotion, we have to call on our inner strength to get us through. There will always be something trying to hold us back. Whether its exhaustion, stress, or prior commitments it is important to push forward. On the days where my body is tired and the workouts are long, I chant a mantra in my head. When I competed against an Olympic level fencer last year at the National Championships my mantra was simple, “I am faster. She is slower.” When I ran a Duathlon with a chest cold my mantra was inspiring, “If I can do this, I can do anything.” When I’m studying for an exam my mantra is fun, “Enjoy it, you know it.” Whenever I say my mantra it gives me the strength to continue. It is this strength that has propelled me forward in achieving my dreams.

At the end of the day our inner strength is what separates the dreamers form the doers. Without action a dream is just a dream. But with it, a dream becomes an experience.

DREAMING LESSON #2: Create your own personal mantra. Use it as a source for inspiration. It can be a sentence or just a few words. Whenever you need extra strength, just say the mantra over and over.

Today I decided to change up my workout and run in the snow. It is always a liberating experience, but with the chilly air and slushy streets I used a different method to make my run intense. Listening to a killer play list, I felt myself running faster. If you’re like me and love epic music check out a couple songs from my playlist or create a playlist that makes you feel great.

Here‘s my workout. It was quick but intense, after I felt my legs and lungs burning. This workout will definitely help build strength in my lower body so that I can handle the 12 km of skiing from Svalbard to Base Camp. Try it if you’d like!


Be Self-Aware. Listen to your Body. January 1, 2011

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Take a rest if your body needs it.

Hands down the most important thing I have learned this year is to ‘listen to my body’. This says a lot about how important it is because as a 3rd year biology major I learn new things everyday (*See the bottom for an interesting fact). Never the less, this simple principle has had an undeniable impact on my life. Becoming more self-aware of who I am, what I eat, and how I train, has dramatically increased my confidence levels and as well as improved my general health.

If you’re feeling skeptical about the power of self-awareness I know what you mean. In today’s society there is so much stimulation that hearing yourself think is hard let alone hearing what your body is saying. In my case it took me a trip to the doctor’s office to really start listening to my body. I hope you can learn from my story and give self-awareness a chance.

About two summers ago I was addicted . . . to exercising. I had one goal and that was to become as fit as I possibly could. Unfortunately, I found it all too easy to become obsessed with this goal. After working a full day as a camp counselor I would grab a quick fencing lesson, play an hour of squash 2-3 times per week, and then run 5-8 km daily. It never seemed like enough. I wanted to be stronger, faster, and lighter. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the body can handle that amount of stress and not give you a hard time.

The fact that I wasn’t losing any weight should have been my first indication that this strategy was not good for my body. However, when you’re as driven as I was, it’s easy to ignore the little signs. Truth is I was obsessed, and so I continued. It wasn’t until an incessant pain in my shin prompted me to see my doctor that I realized that the pain in my shin was a sign that my body needed rest. Diagnosis: Stress Fracture. Treatment: 6 weeks of no running.

Now, considering the state I was in, being obsessed and all, hearing that I had to stop running was preposterous. Leaving the doctor’s office I decided to make a compromise. I’d stop running but I had to continue fencing. My team was training with a World Champion from Germany, and I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity of lessons. So I sucked up the pain and practiced continuously. Well it came as no surprise that after six weeks of no running I had not healed at all. In fact my recovery took about eight months, not the allotted six weeks.

Dreaming Lesson #1: Listen to your body.

*Interesting Fact: The birth control pill was derived from yams.


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